Automobile Assessors, Brokers and Valuers

MSAE Australia
LMCT 2600

Our clients speak for us

Many of Australia's largest and most respected Government, non-Government agencies and public companies rely on expert advice from Cuthbert Automotive Consulting to resolve disputes, settle claims and apportion responsibility on family law, civil litigation, settlement of estates and in partnership disagreements.

They have included:


AAMI Australia

Deloitte Touche Tomatsu

Freemans Australia, Claims and Insurance Services

GIO Insurance

Holden Ltd

Insurance Enquiries & Complaints Ltd

Jardine Lloyd Thompson

KPMG Forensic

QBE Mercantile Mutual Insurance

RACV Insurance & Members Services

Shannons Insurance and Shannons Auctions

Tenix Defence/RLM Systems

Victorian Finance and Leasing

VicRoads, Number Plate Valuations

Victoria Police, Stolen Vehicle Department

and many leading law firms, Family Law Specialists, and various banking and finance institutions.


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